Hello team!

We just recorded a short video to show you how easy it is to keep training with your Professor and your classmates!
The link mentioned in the video is: https://linktr.ee/gbfortcollins

Once you join, remember:

  • We recommend to leave your video on and focused on you so our instructors can give feedback about your training.
  • Make sure you are muted when not talking, so people can hear the instructors better. There’s a feature where you can “Raise your hand” and be promptly helped.
  • All the classes were adapted, so you can train from home. A space of 10ftx10ft is recommended.
  • Each technique will be presented in two ways: with a partner or solo. So, it’s pretty good to have a partner to train with but it’s not obligatory.
  • The use of Gi is also not obligatory.

The schedule for this week is the following: Monday to Friday: GB Kids @ 4:30 pm and GB All Levels @ 5:30 pm
This is ANOTHER way to train besides the Global Live Classes going on at online.graciebarra.com. You have access to BOTH options!
Please, contact us with any doubts or comments on info@graciebarrafortcollins.com

Keep rolling,
Gracie Barra Fort Collins Staff